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Boogie Shack with Barry & Pamela Callaghan

Tune in Friday nights to Adelaide's No.1 Rockabilly show "The Boogie Shack" with Barry and Pamela... playing great "Red Hot" Rockabilly tracks from all around the world... From the classic Rockabilly sounds from the guys and gals of the early 50s, throw in a bit of Western Swing some Neo Rockabilly, even a touch of Psychobilly… you have "The Boogie Shack"... The show has a history of supporting both local and interstate Aussie Rockabilly artist plus providing a weekly "Gig Guide" and the occasional interview to help you keep in touch with the local Rockabilly bands performing in and around Adelaide... So, if you have a favourite Rockabilly song you would like us to play... give us a call on 8371 1000.

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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