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For Those About to Rock with Les Sobieraj John Clegg

Every Thursday from 10pm to Midnight, either Les Sobieraj or John Clegg will present the program " For Those About to Rock (FTATR)" Les and John share this program on a week on/week off basis. FTATR is a broad program that encompasses all areas of rock. Importantly, it's a program about " rock that matters" and draws from the following genres - hard rock, metal, the disco era, progressive rock, blues rock,punk rock, classic rock as well the not so much played songs from the 60's and 70's rock n roll era that many of us grew up in.Both Les and John are particular and passionate about the " rock" they play.As Les and John put it " Our ultimate goal is to give the listener who is a rock affifcionada an eargasm".The focus of the program is very much on the listener and the music. Less talk( radio ga ga ) and more rock music is the corner stone on which the program is built.

You'll hear both contemporary and past rock songs from artists such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Great White, Black Sabbath, Bryan Ferry, Motorhead, Stevie Wright, Jimi Hendrix and the list goes on and on....Are you up for something a little different on a Thursday evening? Why not give FTATR  a listen? You can also call Les or John, in the studio, on 8371 1000 and request your favourite rock song. Or just talk real " rock "! It's your call!!


10:00 pm - Midnight

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